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Class No 902- fee $420

Introduction to Drawing & Painting

Tutor: Noreen Melvin

If you love art and want to learn many of the skills behind drawing and painting in acrylics this course is a way to begin the journey. The course is based on teaching methods suitable for beginners and builds a range of individual styles and skills. Students are encouraged to explore drawing and painting to lay down foundations for future art making. Noreen is passionate about everyone being able to draw, through learning to “see” artistically and moving into working with colour.  This course is about breaking down the barriers people have about art making and creating a learning environment that builds confidence and excitement in the processes of art creation.

Noreen has taught, lectured and advised in art and art history for many years in schools, workshops and teachers college. She has worked as a curriculum adviser for the Ministry of Education and senior adviser for the Education Council.