Class No 202 – fee $420



 Class Full – waiting list applies


This course begins with simplifying sketching and colour. You’ll get to know your materials and begin to look at your subjects as shapes. You’ll make colour swatches and do some plein air sketching. You’ll experiment with both aquarelle pencils and water colour.

You’ll learn to establish foreground and background and where to place the focus.

During the week you’ll introduce people into your sketches learning face and head proportions and the way bodies move.

At the end of the week you’ll look for architectural features indicative of place. You’ll also add some heading and add notes to complete your stories. There will be some easy typefaces for you to refer to.

By now you are a fully-fledged Travel Sketcher.

Erin is well known in many parts of the world for her ability to take sketchers from their early moments with a sketchbook and pen to pride and astonishment at the results they achieve.

The trick is her ability to break down into deceptively simple steps the way the eye works with the hand to produce a sketch image.

She uses a unique and vibrant palette and employs special application techniques which result in sparkling bright images. Mixed with her letting go approach to image making Erin’s cheerful, positive approach to teaching helps those just starting out on the sketching journey find their own creative style and established sketchers gain new insights into their art.

In 2018 she was delighted to be invited to run a workshop for specialist tutors at the prestigious New York College of the Visual Arts.

She is a widely experienced artist, working in many graphic forms, has won many awards and her work is held in collections in the US, Europe and Australasia.

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