Class No 815 – fee $420 (+materials $165 includes screens)



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During this workshop, you will develop a personal creative identity in pattern design and learn how to screen-print, block print and stencil these concepts onto fabric using simple techniques.You will create your own inspirational mood board of ideas, mix your own unique colour palette, then design, dye and print your very own collection of beautiful hand-printed and dyed fabrics, inspiring you to continue creating at home.By the end of the course, you will have produced a collection of printed samples, developed ideas through drawing and learnt about pattern repeats.You are encouraged to bring your own ideas and images that inspire you.The course will be underpinned with discussions on contemporary textile artists and designers, as well as providing you with plenty of resource material.

Katie has been working with fabric in one way or another all her life. From clothes to interiors to conceptual art, she has always been fascinated by the power of fabric to transform places, spaces and people. Katie works in her studio in West Auckland, where she is inspired by the wild mash-up of urban industrial spaces and the forest clad Waitakere ranges. She loves synthesising these disparate influences into printable motifs.She relishes in the uniqueness of hand printing and exploring its numerous possibilities. She graduated with an M.A in Textile Art from Goldsmiths University of London, in 1995, and prior to this, she studied textiles at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. She likes to keep her work simple, spontaneous and contemporary. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion for textiles and has run numerous print workshops for adult and children.


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