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Class No 712 – fee $420 +  materials fee $75


Tutor: Phil Ridgway

The course will begin with making paste papers. This paper decoration technique allows students to create stunning papers which can then be used for many aspects of bookbinding, including endpapers and covering materials. The papers created will be incorporated into the other projects undertaken in this workshop.

Based on the distinctive binding style of French Bookbinder Jean de Gonet, students will create a unique hardcover binding using leather for the spine and sewing supports. The book features an exposed sewing and modified hard cover, and students may use the paste papers they have created for several elements of this binding.

The long stitch binding made in this portion of the workshop will feature a limp cover, decorated with paste paper. It will also feature a timber spine back plate and exposed sewing. Old techniques, modern twist. An old binding technique from Europe ( dating from 1300-1500)), this structure is ideal for learning a variety of decorative stitches.

Students will make a cloth and paper Japanese box to house one of their book projects. It is held closed with a bone peg, and resembles a cross when opened flat.

Buttonhole binding is a modern style, bound with exposed sewing in a limp cover. Students will be guided through further techniques for creating impressive looking books, including the use of decorative papers to create patterns across the spine of the book

Phil first took book binding lessons in Bath, England in the binding studio at the Bath Artist Printmakers. At the same time he completed a short course at Brunel Technical College in Bristol. From there he moved to Lyon, France, where he studied under Myriam Bassett, a former pupil of Sun Evrard, at the Ecole du Livres Jean Grolier.

On moving back to Australia he worked in several places as a professional binder before, some 10 years ago, setting up his own Melbourne School of Book Binding where he both teaches and provides book binding services.


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