Class No 207 – fee $420


Digital cameras have been around for decades in a variety of forms. We may have become very familiar with them or been somewhat baffled by the technology and not really explored the capabilities. But for any reason they may also be taking a back seat to that camera in the cell phone that is convenient, easily used and quick to share pictures.

This course, suitable for all types of digital cameras and cell phones, will cover all the need-to-know features of your digital camera that will make a significant impact on your photographs. It will highlight the differences between a digital camera and a cell phone so you can choose which is the most relevant option for any situation.

Topics covered will include:

Shooting modes – why we should get off Auto.

Resolution and quality – what’s important & how is it set.

ISO – how it works and the huge difference it makes to photos.

Using flash effectively – when to use it and when not to use it.

Better exposures and colour – how to make a big difference easily.

Composition is a vital part of the impact of an image and will be covered in depth looking at a variety of topics:

How to use your zoom lens(es).

What makes a strong composition – how to easily create them.

Photographing people, motion, landscapes, travel and other subjects.

Understanding depth-of-field and how it affects composition.

Learning to be more creative and “see” image opportunities.

Post-production (handling images on a computer) will be used to evaluate what is shot during the workshop and will cover:

File formats and what is right for you.

Managing (storing) images – handling the thousands of images you have.

Production workflow – how to easily improve the quality of an image.

Effective cropping to improve impact.

Using images effectively, including emails, social media, marketing, layouts and writing captions.

This is a hands-on, practical workshop for all levels of experience in easy to understand language with notes provided. It will provide the knowledge and confidence to enjoy this technology rather than be intimated by it. And it will be fun – that is guaranteed.

Dave runs an imaging and photography consultancy and comes from a professional career spanning three decades in the newspaper industry where he worked as a chief photographer, a specialist in digital imaging and as an illustrations editor. He has been involved extensively in the implementation of digital technology and has comprehensive knowledge of digital cameras, applications, systems, digital management and publishing. He specialises in teaching and training in photography, digital imaging, design and the effective use of images for the newspaper industry, tertiary institutions including the University of Canterbury and Christchurch Polytechnic as well as for groups, businesses and personal tutoring and mentoring.


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