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Class No 908 – fee $420



This course covers a wide range of subjects from simple, effective, documentation of your travels to shooting for specific outcomes. It will include both technical, compositional and design aspects.

Subjects will include:

  • Travel/feature photography for illustrating articles, personal use, presentations and social media.
  • Photographing people and making the most of opportunities ranging from friends and family to those from different cultures.
  • Understanding how to turn the mundane snap into a head-turner.
  • Planning for specific uses such as magazine use, web pages and presentations.
  • Favourite equipment to travel with.
  • Processing images for web pages including social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and web pages including both private and for business use.

Technique includes appropriate shooting modes, correcting exposures and using ISO effectively.

Creative topics will cover getting the best out of your lenses, understanding the impact of an image, how images work for the reader, on a page and what can be improved in post-production.

Outcomes will include work suitable to be used for sharing with family to business use, web sites including social media, presentations, portfolios, print and display. This will incorporate effective editing and learning how to crop images for impact.

This course is for all levels of experience. Photography may be an important tool for your business. You may want to understand your camera and lenses to get more out of them. Or making the most of those moments and successfully capturing family, friends and travel opportunities may be important. It is a hands on, practical workshop in easy to understand language with notes provided.

A digital camera is recommended (as well as a cell phone) and a laptop computer and a mouse for editing is valuable.

Dave runs an imaging and photography consultancy and comes from a professional career spanning three decades in the newspaper industry where he worked as a chief photographer, a specialist in digital imaging and as an illustrations editor. He has been involved extensively in the implementation of digital technology and has comprehensive knowledge of digital cameras, applications, systems, digital management and publishing. He specialises in teaching and training in photography, digital imaging, design and the effective use of images for the newspaper industry, tertiary institutions including the University of Canterbury and Christchurch Polytechnic as well as for groups, businesses and personal tutoring and mentoring.


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