Class No 209B – fee $252 (Wednesday to Friday)


Tutor: Mike Weddell

This course which may (but not necessarily) be a follow-on from the fly tying covers casting, what trout feed on, what flies to use and how to use them. The selection of tackle will also be covered. We’ll look at fishing both still waters and running waters. Apart from a few lessons at the College, most of the time will be spent putting theory into practice in some of the finest trout fishing areas in the country.  A fishing licence is a pre-requisite.

Mike has fly fished since 1963 in several countries and different types of water. He has been the angling correspondent for the Otago Daily Times for 35 years and has published several books on fly fishing. He has been tying flies since 1965. He was a professional instructor for Hardys and has taught fly fishing for 44 years. He has held numerous British casting records and was also all round fly casting champion.



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