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(Past & Current) Tutors’ Work

Anzac Day Parade Arrowtown by Dave Wethey

Jackie Pearson’s Bremner Bay Water Colour

Tony's Water Race

Tony Bridge’s Maniototo Water Race

Happy Korimako with Harakeke flowers by Dave Wethey

Fly Fishing on the banks of the Clutha at Deans Bank with Mike Weddell

Sylvi Glattauer’s Photogravure print – ” Painted Mountain Corn”

Lynn Taylor’s Intaglio Print – “The Crossing”

Sylvi Glattauer’s Photogravure print    –      “Inklines 2”

Sandman Dreaming 1915 by Michael Shepherd


Tony Bridge’s Maniototo North West Sky

Lynn Taylor’s installation of pendants – “Trapping Cold Atoms”

Mark Orton filming horses & riders in North Canterbury for TVNZ Show “Country Living”

Mark Orton’s short film on the slums of Manila. A day in the life of one of the most densely populated cities on earth.

Sam at Smoko by Jacky Pearson

The Clutha Mata Au in Autumn

Vaune Mason’s Ruby Pendant

A Brief History of Malone by Michael Shepherd

Diane Brown’s latest book “Taking My Mother to the Opera” published by Otago University Press. (Read Review HERE)

Vaune Mason’s “Tendril Drops”

Mark Orton filming hero stud Panda “Lulu”  at the Bifengxia Panda base in Sichuan China. LuLu was rescued from the wild and is incapable of returning there…the cages are to enable keepers to carry out medical check-ups and deliver food without being mauled. Mark’s film will shortly premiere on Animal Planet.


SBW by Dave Wethey

Rose by Jacky Pearson

14th Century Binding by Phil Ridgway

Selection of hand bound books by Phil Ridgway