Class No 214 – fee $420  – materials fee $20



Autumnal Surfaces and Textures take inspiration from the colours, textures, shapes and marks seen in autumnal leaves to develop surfaces in a variety of media. The glorious, vibrant colours and textures we associate with the autumn will be translated through the media of metals, recycled coffee pods, needlefelting, wirework, heat reactive surfaces, stitching and beading to create a panel or free standing sculpture. This workshop includes a rich mixture of methods to record and translate your subject matter. These will then be combined and developed into a personal piece which uses your favourite techniques from those we have sampled. It will also leave you with a range of techniques which can be adapted for use in your own designs later.

Alysn is an experienced freelance artist in fine art textiles, an author of several books and numerous articles, a tutor and a gallery director. Awards include the Bernina Award for the most Innovative use of the sewing machine, NZ, 2015. In addition, she has professional qualifications in Textiles and Embroidery, Professional Arts Practice, E-commerce. She lived in the Midlands of England for most of her life, and developed the Beetroot Tree Gallery, moving to New Zealand in 2012. Alysn says: “I have an experimental and curious nature leading to continuously evolving works and media; investigating new dimensions as they develop. The history and meaning of the materials I choose is often critically important to the development of the pieces. Currently I am working in copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel and pewter in the form of metal shims and woven metal fabrics and wires, combined with a variety of papers, fabrics, pens, paints, threads and natural objects. I find that it is a continuing pleasure to adapt my ideas into formats which can be taken on by fibre artists, embroiderers or other creatives”.

In this course Alysn will introduce students to the possibilities of unusual materials, techniques, and approaches with options for extending artistic and creative practice beyond the ordinary.




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