Class No 814 – fee $420 Materials fee $100



Regrettably this class has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolments

This is a comprehensive workshop in which we take participants through sustainable and tikanga (cultural) based harvesting of the source to the finished product i.e. genuine 100% New Zealand harakeke paper. We will spend two days exploring the techniques used in the preparation and processing of Harakeke (flax) to make paper. Participants will learn how to conserve the ‘pa harakeke’ flax stand and harvest the flax in a way that will ensure the sustainable future of this treasured resource. You will become familiar with the terms used when making paper and learn the process from cutting the flax to forming your own sheets of paper. Expect to get wet! All paper made during the workshop will be shared equally among the participants. While the paper made is drying participants will choose a print medium either woodcut, dry point etching or stencil work to create and print an image on the harakeke paper made in the two preceding days. Participants will need to bring a suitable image for printing, personal drawing materials and drawing books. Pakohe will provide all other materials needed to participate fully in the workshop.

Our box making workshop is a natural extension of the Harakeke Papermaking sessions. Participants will make two lidded boxes measuring 200 x 100 x 50mm and will cover them with the handmade paper produced during the papermaking workshop. The print completed on day three can be cut to size and used on the cover. All box components will be cut to size ready to glue and cover.

Marty has 35 years in tertiary education, researching and teaching the many varied disciplines related to printmaking and papermaking and is well equipped to run a range of workshops that continually feed the passion for new learning. Offering opportunities for participants to develop their own sense of creative worth through self and professional development is an objective worthy of pursuit and is one of the reasons why Marty received the Supreme Prime Minister’s award for Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching in 2010.

Marilyn claims she is QBE – ‘qualified by experience’. Her love of language and culture and 40 years working in education and Maori health as well as with their artist practice and paper making business, Pakohe, contribute to a very full and satisfying career to date.


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