Class No 213 – fee $420 + $45 Materials fee



Our inspiration for this week-long jewellery workshop is to look at Tension and Compression – these are physical techniques in working with metal, and also they are the ways in which we can express ideas or stories when creating a piece of jewellery.

David will be able to bring a wonderful array of jewellery studio equipment for the week – including a Rolling Mill and a Draw Bench. The Rolling Mill will allow us to compress sheet metals, and to use materials such as thin nylon or silk lace, very dry leaves and grasses, and some papers to create impressions on our metal. It is a magical and very satisfying process, that total beginners and more advanced students can get great results from. The designs created can be very abstract, or, a direct translation of the material used to make the impression.

A piece of lace from a favourite dress or shawl – a lock of hair, or the silhouette of a mountain range – these can all be used as starting points for design when working with Roll-printing. The Draw Bench allows us to “draw down” wire and tube – stretching out the metal to change its size, and length. The draw bench makes the effort of pulling wire and tube through the forming plates much much easier, which allows for larger things to be made. Both these techniques also change the properties of the metal – hardening the metal to make it springy. This is perfect for making simple and functional jewellery – bracelets, cuffs, tie slides,earring hoops – these all require an element of tension to work correctly.

Vaune will also be bringing a love of forging and texture to the week – we can use the fabulous anvil in the metal workshop to create forged, curved heavy copper and brass bracelets, necklaces or cuffs. Forging also works to thin and spread metal, which can be used to great effect when making delicate silver earrings.

As always, the class is open to beginner and advanced students, and with two tutors available we have a wider range of skill bases to call on. Students can expect to work with one or both tutors over the course of the week, dependant on their projects and individual needs.

Beginners will be offered a selection of simple projects to work on, which suit their aptitudes and ideas. More advanced students can dive deeper into the projects on offer and also bring their ideas and concepts to the table.

Some basic materials are provided as part of your course fee – and extra materials can be purchased if needed.

Vaune is a Wellington based jeweller and object maker. Her work is eclectic and embraces a love of process, texture and colour. As a maker, she is well known for her sense of fantasy and dream- like imagery, as well as her consideration for the wearer, often including a secret image on the back or the insides of pieces. She has been teaching jewellery making for 12 years at her workshop: Workspace Studios Ltd, as well as short courses at Whitireia NZ, and The Learning Connexion. Vaune exhibits her work at galleries and boutiques around the country, and at her in-studio shop: The Makers.;


David is a contemporary jewellery maker working out of his Dunedin studio and exhibiting widely throughout New Zealand. His work is characterised by a playful use of technique and a narrative approach underpins his design process. He uses a wide range of techniques and materials in his practice. He is a past lecturer in jewellery, sculpture and 3D design at the Otago Polytechnic. Since 2000 he has been working full time as a jeweller and co-owner of Quadrant Gallery in Dunedin.


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