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Class No 911 – fee $420 + $140 Material Fee




This workshop explores a variety of acrylic paint and screenprinting on paper, fabric and mdf board processes towards creating collage and assemblage in either a 2 or 3 dimensional way. Mixed media collage or assemblage refers to assembling a variety of materials into one piece. In collage/assemblage there is no restriction as to the materials/processes that can be used however we will limit our focus for practical reasons. The materials have been described and the processes will include creating textured acrylic paint surfaces (palette knife, gesso and impasto), making backgrounds, layering paint, sanding surfaces to produce a multi-colored patina, stencilling, image transfer, dipping objects, making imagery for and processing a photostencil screen and screenprinting.

As the week progresses the outcomes of these will then be considered, selected, evaluated, cut, layered and ‘played with’ to ascertain the direction individuals want to go in. It is envisaged the collage or re-assembling will translate into a pattern through repetition of a unit, 2-d relief wall art built from laser cut shapes or 3-d assemblage (puppet/ building/ blocks). This part of the workshop is concerned with composition and visual problem solving, utilising elements and art /design principles to organize the various elements in your artwork. Other new processes will come into play: stitching, piercing, cutting, folding, drilling, joining shapes, etc. but you can always go back and produce additional elements you may need.

It is not necessary to consider what you may want to work with before you come to the workshop, there will be plenty of resources to springboard ideas. However, if you are already undertaking an art project, or have something you have ‘collected’ (like found objects, doll’s body parts, clock mechanisms, vintage papers, test pots of acrylic paint, etc.) and have been meaning to use this could be the chance to liberate them!

A general materials list will follow. The materials fee includes what you need for the demonstrated processes, the purchase of some 3 mm laser cut shapes, photo emulsion and a screen and squeegee which you get to keep.


Lynn Taylor overlooks the harbour while creating in her studio at Portobello, a symbiotic parallel to the historical, mapping and nautical themes she focuses her research on. She works with a printmaker’s sensibility across different mediums, with a preference towards ones that involve light and printing in the processing. Photo stencils, solar plate, cyanotype and photography mediums rotate, collage, mix and layer together in seeking things that lurk under the surface. In two parallel streams she works as a visual artist and an arts facilitator, a praxis that is often linked with residencies and being called upon to judge awards. Also a SciArt research assistant, she works in collaboration with others to encourage community groups to engage with artistic creativity as a way of exploring local conservation issues. Represented by Gallery de Novo and Solander Gallery. BED, Dip Tch, TchCert, BFA, MFA. and


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