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It is the great events that make history but ultimately, it is the individual’s perception of events that matters. The collection of oral testimony, based on individual memory, enriches the store of historical evidence to reconstruct the past whether that past is a collective public one or a private, familial one.

This workshop will provide the essentials of oral history research including methodology, project planning, best equipment, interview techniques, legal and ethical issues and processing oral history in order to make the material available for use. There will also be a session on the basics of using a video camera for recording oral history. The course involves plenty of hands-on practice. This workshop is essential for anyone considering using oral history in their work, community or personal projects.

The Alexander Turnbull Library is assisting this course and Lynette Shum, Oral History Adviser at the Alexander Turnbull Library, whose work involves training and support in oral history, will be present.   The Library holds New Zealand’s national documentary heritage collections, both published and unpublished items, including oral history and Lynette is recognised as an expert on technical aspects of oral history recording. If you already have a recorder you intend using, please bring it.

Judith is a lawyer and oral historian. Currently she practises as a barrister specialising in investigation. She lectures in oral history in New Zealand and the United States and is contracted by the Oral History Centre, Alexander Turnbull Library, to carry out contemporary oral history projects.

Prior to founding the New Zealand Oral History Archive, she worked in broadcasting, television and film.

Her publications include The Gamble – Campaign Diary of the Challengers (co-writer Hugo Manson); The Matriarchs and War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us; Oral History: An Introduction to Social Research in New Zealand (Editors: Carl Davidson & Martin Tolich).


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