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$420 + $TBC for materials





This course will explore some of the natural / local materials we can use to create beautiful and lasting jewellery.

The importance of the natural balance of the world has brought more simple materials into focus. This course will focus on using materials we can find in our local areas, sourced by foraging for naturally available materials instead of only using mined gems or metals. Jewellery can be made from so many amazingly different materials! Once you begin to look at the materials around you, a wealth of possibilities can open up.

Using simple techniques of woodwork, drilling, carving and sanding to create beads and elements.  Dying, braiding and weaving of fibres to create cord. Using simple but effective tools to work found stones, shell and bone.

Bringing in the minimum of metal work to create simple and functional connections for your pieces.

New Zealand has a fabulous array of materials that can be used in many different ways in the process of jewellery making.

We will work with ti kouka (cabbage tree) leaves, wool, muka (flax fibre), silk, linen and cotton cords. We will use herbs to colour some of the fibres, and learn simple braiding and cord-making techniques. We will learn to cut, drill, shape and polish wood, bone, stone and shell to form bead or “gemstone” elements that can be set as a traditional stone in a ring or pendant.

To complete and really set off these pieces students will be guided through making brooch fittings, necklace and earring connections and other traditional jewellery techniques to produce wearable, quality jewellery, using sterling silver, copper and brass.

Basic materials are provided as part of your materials costs. Extra materials are available for purchase should students wish to make something larger or use items such as sterling silver chains. 

Vaune has been making jewellery from found materials for many years, and over the last 5 years has really begun to focus on using natural and local materials and inspiration for her own work. Sometimes using detailed carved designs, or just uncomplicated riveted pieces that celebrate the simple elegance of the material. Vaune has taught jewellery to students of all levels of experience since 2005. She is one of the founders of Workspace Studios Ltd and sells her work in galleries around New Zealand.

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