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$420 + $45 for materials





Cold Wax Medium is a non-toxic beeswax medium that is combined with oil paints.  It is a fun way to paint, allowing you to build your painting in layers, incorporating drawing, mono-printing, scratching, texturising and many other techniques into translucent layers of deliciousness…

No heat is needed with this medium, and it dries hard to a matt finish without any ‘bloom’.

Whether you are an abstract or realistic painter; or drawer, this workshop teaches you techniques that will apply to all genres.

The workshop will comprise a combination of art-making techniques as well as seminar-style presentations and exercises to help you discover that innate “thing” that is inside you, driving you to create and that you wish to express in your art.

Once you’ve attended, you will go away with more clarity around your practice, some helpful guidelines, written information to help keep you on track as well as completed cold wax medium paintings.

It is suitable for beginner to advanced/professional artists.

All materials provided. Just bring an apron or wear old clothes – cold wax medium painting can be messy! We will also make up the cold wax medium from locally sourced beeswax during the workshop.

Janet holds a Master of Fine Art from Elam, University of Auckland.  She has exhibited in Wellington and Auckland, and her work is held in private collections locally and internationally.  Janet is a former businessperson, formally trained to teach and mentor adults. She currently lives and works in New Zealand from her studio in Devonport, where her work is represented by the Flagstaff Gallery.

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