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Strong composition is fundamental to the impact of an image. With a little experience an intuitive photographer can turn the mundane into an out-of-the ordinary image. Every subject, evenimages from a spontaneous subject such as sports, relies on key critical factors to make an impact. This course will examine how a picture opportunity is approached and how to make the most of a subject to create a far stronger image and expand a single photo idea into a series of photos.

Understanding what makes a good composition, but also what kills composition, will be explored. Understanding how a reader reacts to an image will be discussed.

Wanaka and Central Otago provide an endless selection of locations to cover a very wide range of topics:

  • Environmental portraiture

  • Commercial subjects from fine detail to buildings, travel to food.

  • Motion including sports and adventure activities

  • Landscape and the environment both natural and urban

  • Using light, pattern and colour in composition

Technical details will include:

  • Controlling exposures and using light for impact

  • Effective use of ISO for depth-of-field and shooting motion

  • Perspective - the correct lenses for the subject

  • Framing and using layers in a composition

  • Implied direction and motion

Other topics will include:

  • Post production and the second stage of composition

  • Shooting for different uses and using images in a layout

  • Planning for spontaneous images

  • And breaking the rules

What you need to bring

Camera & charger and laptop/ipad and charger. Cell phone & charger. A mouse with a laptop is recommended. An extension cord and multi plug box (power board) will be useful.

Dave runs an imaging and photography consultancy and comes from a professional career spanning three decades in the newspaper industry where he worked as a chief photographer, a specialist in digital imaging and as an illustrations editor. He has been involved extensively in the implementation of digital technology and has comprehensive knowledge of digital cameras, applications, systems, digital management and publishing.

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