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David Wethey


Digital Photography for cameras and smart phones

This is an intense week of hands-on shooting covering a wide range of genre including photojournalism style portraiture, effective social media photography, landscapes, publishing, product photography, travel, motion and sports, and making the most of spontaneous opportunities.

It is suitable for cameras and smartphones, exploring the advantages each device has.

There will be a strong emphasis on composition and the technicalities including:

•  Compositions for impact

•  Understanding lenses and their perspective

•  What shooting modes to use - getting off auto

•  Controlling exposures

•  Making depth-of-field work for your images

•  Shooting in low light and effective use of ISO

•  Simple lighting improvements

•  Choosing the right shutter speed for motion

•  Shooting for different uses, especially social media

This workshop, based around the Wanaka region, is for all levels of experience. It’s a hands on, practical workshop in easy to understand language with notes provided. It will give the knowledge and confidence to enjoy this technology rather than be intimated by it. And it will be fun – that is guaranteed.

What you need to bring

Camera & phones with relevant chargers. A laptop or an iPad to download images onto would be an advantage. A mouse is recommended for a laptop. An extension cord and multi plug box (power board) will be useful.

Dave runs a media and imaging consultancy and comes from a professional career spanning three decades in the newspaper industry where he worked as a chief photographer, a specialist in digital imaging and as an illustrations editor. He has been involved extensively in the implementation of digital technology and has comprehensive knowledge of digital cameras, applications, systems, digital management and publishing. He has considerable teaching and training experience in tertiary institutions, businesses and with personal tutoring and mentoring.

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