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Maria de Jong


Memoir Writing

Class Full, Waitlist Applies

The course aims to encourage participants to find their voice, and their own unique writing style.  Writing your story or family history is an enjoyable and reflective process, and an outlet for creativity. The course will provide intellectual stimulation and an opportunity to improve your writing skills. For some adults memoir writing can be a therapeutic and healing experience.

Maria de Jong has helped dozens of New Zealanders to record their stories for posterity and will share her tips on the process. Over the five days there will be time to write in the class.

Maria is the author of several biographies, family histories and company histories. Recently she helped Mason Ball to write the biography of his father, cartoonist Murray Ball of Footrot Flats fame. This book has been published by HarperCollins. Maria is passionate about preserving history for future generations and is knowledgeable about producing books. Come along and jump-start your writing project!


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