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Lynn Taylor


Mixed Media: Print/Paint/Collage

Class Full, Waitlist Applies

This mixed media class encourages participants to experiment and explore possibilities, by breaking boundaries between different types of wet and dry materials including paint, ink, cyanotype (light sensitive), pencils and digital image reproduction.

Many processes are explored with a bias towards printmaking and paper, MDF board and fabric are all used supports. Other textural and tactile processes may come into play, such, stitching, piercing, weaving etc.  As the week progresses, we then apply design, collage, layering and assemblage techniques to combine your created materials into your own project piece/s in either 2 or 3-dimensional ways.

There is a high degree of individuality in this course.  My teaching style is to encourage your authentic voice and generate ‘what ifs’? My intent is to encourage you to push boundaries, to think and imagine in the context of your own area of interest and use this mix to generate creative responses. At times we come together to discuss and evaluate work and the knowledge that is shared in this class between participants is one of the things we all value.

This workshop is suitable for beginners through to experienced. (Are able to put up with a bit of mess at times and getting your hands dirty?)  While some of the processes or techniques may be new to you, all will be taught with demonstrations and support.

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