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Janet Mazenier


Painting using Cold Wax Medium

Do you want to learn cold wax painting, or refresh your skill and knowledge of painting this way if you’ve had experience? If so, you will enjoy a deep collaborative experience with this popular emerging medium.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of participants from beginner to advanced.

Using cold wax medium (CWM) is a fun way to paint. You will find new ways of expression by incorporating drawing, mono-printing and texture into translucent layers of visual richness. Unlike encaustic, CWM is non-toxic and needs no heat to use.

Within the five days there is ample time to explore potential of the medium, and Janet will assist you in developing your painting practice further, with additional exercises for those who have attended classes before. She will make up the medium in the workshop.

All materials will be provided at a cost of $100 per person plus registration fee.

Janet Mazenier  has a formal background in training, and is a full-time practicing artist who is currently undertaking doctoral study in Fine Art.  She completed her Master of Fine Arts in 2021.  Janet, like others who use this gorgeous medium, is entranced by its ability to create rich surfaces, texture and luminosity.

Her studio is based in Auckland. (

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